Sunny Side of the Doc Crowns Winner


Sunny Side of the Doc has named the winner of the fourth edition of the Global Pitch for Global Change, which took place on February 6 and 7.

The 2024 award for best global pitch went to Replica, produced by Axel Rise Films (Australia) and The Why Foundation (Denmark). The global pitch award is endowed with €3,000 ($3,200) by the sponsors, AJB DOC and the Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, plus two passes to Sunny Side of the Doc 2024.

The jury commented: “Our award goes to an important story of post-modernity, unconditional love and addiction. It is ironic, at times tragic, but very sensitive with well-cast protagonists. The director is highly articulate, has a good sense of where she wants to take you and asks the right questions. It’s a story that is relevant to this day and age and one that we think is important for the world to see. It happens to be set in China but has universal themes that should concern us all. The winner is Replica—congratulations to director Chouwa Liang and her producer Andy Huang.”

“In a brilliant, oblique way, through the personal experience of the director and the subtle portrayal of the relationship of three Chinese women with their AI lovers, Replica uses a universal theme—love and companionship—to raise pressing questions on the sustainability of a future where AI and technology invade our private lives,” said Mathieu Béjot, director of strategy and development at Sunny Side of the Doc. “Gender roles, data sharing and privacy challenge human values and social relationships and underpin this original, sensitive story. Congratulations to director Chouwa Liang and producer Andy Huang.”

A special mention from the jury went to Camels of the Sea, produced by Elefant Films (India) and directed by Vikram Singh.

The jury said: “The director of this project is hugely engaging and convincing with a beautifully filmed teaser and multilayered story to tell. The jury was especially taken by the director’s eye when filming both sides of this urgent story—we could really sense the challenges that lie ahead with climate change and over-development of sensitive lands. Our special mention goes to Camels of the Sea. Congratulations to Vikram and his team.”