Sunny Side of the Doc Connected Edition to Spotlight History


This year’s “Connected Edition” of Sunny Side of the Doc and PiXii will feature history as the central theme.

The focus will outline the theme for a wide range of opportunities and networking activities focusing on talent, co-productions, digital experiences, tech solutions and innovative linear and nonlinear projects.

“The urgent demand for new content can already be seen in the historic peak of projects submitted to this year’s pitching sessions. Almost 350 projects from 250 different independent companies were registered from 37 different countries. These include: Canada, Germany, U.S.A., Spain and Italy, as well as Australia, Ukraine, Finland, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Israel, South Korea and Japan,” comments Mathieu Béjot, director of strategy and development. “By offering a lineup that’s packed with conferences, practical workshops and pitching sessions which are vital for pushing both creation and the industry forward, we hope to provide unfailing support for those working in the industry all across the world.”

The Connected Edition will stage four 30-minute workshops led by Canadian producer and visual researcher Elizabeth Klinck. She and her guest speakers will share experience and expertise on how using archival footage can add value to a production, as well as the latest innovations in the storytelling genre. The sessions are: Sourcing, Restauration & Colourisation, Costs & Negotiation and Marketplace & Audience.

Themed Meet the Executives sessions will spotlight broadcasters’ and SVOD platforms’ strategies, with Simon Young (BBC), Fatima Salaria (Channel 4), Catherine Alvaresse (France Télévisions), Mikael Osterby (SVT), Jorge Franzini (CuriosityStream) and Alex Hryniewicz (Little Dot Studios).

There will also be a “History and Winning Over Young Audiences” panel, as well as an international co-production case study on the September 11 terrorist attacks,