Stefan Raab & Brainpool Team for New Music Show


Brainpool has joined forces with Stefan Raab for FameMaker, a new music show for ProSieben.

Casting is currently underway for the show, which promotes “listening with your eyes.” In each episode, the judges aka #FameMakers—Carolin Kebekus, Luke Mockridge and Teddy Teclebrhan—will try and determine each contestant’s talent without hearing them sing. Encased in a soundproof dome, each singer will perform on stage and the individuals on the panel must pull their #FameMaker lever if they believe in the contestant, lifting the dome and revealing the singer’s voice.

For the finale, the #FameMaker has to produce a performance for their contestant that best demonstrates what their candidate has to offer. After the performances, viewers ultimately decide who deserves to win.

Raab said: “A good voice does not equal success; success arises in the mind. If this show had existed in 1992, I would have signed up immediately, as I have never been able to sing very well. Don’t miss out, apply now!”

Daniel Rosemann, ProSieben station chief, said: “In FameMaker, Stefan Raab combines music, comedy and competition. The show promises to be great fun, not least because of our #FameMakers Carolin, Luke and Teddy.”