Spotlight: Blue Ant International


Ewan McGregor narrates Stormborn, a three-part series on Blue Ant International’s slate that explores remote wildlife in the northern regions of Scotland, Norway and Iceland.

“It’s one of several nature and wildlife titles on our slate that draw in audiences with a popular celebrity voice, while also providing breathtaking blue-chip cinematographic viewpoints, and in this series, never-before-seen animal behavior through story-led drama,” says Ludo Dufour, senior VP of international co-productions and sales at Blue Ant International.

Hotel Paranormal zeroes in on creepy, otherworldly encounters in hotels, highway motels and short-term rentals, narrated by “Ghostbuster” Dan Aykroyd. A one-off special documentary, After the Wildfires was shot last year amid Australia’s worst fire season in recorded history.

“Blue Ant International has a growing slate of over 4,000 hours of premium content,” says Dufour