Blue Ant Acquires Rights to Doc on Trans-Atlantic Custody Battle


Blue Ant International has acquired the exclusive rights to the Amazon original docuseries Three Mothers, Two Babies and a Scandal.

The show tells the complex story about the internet adoptions of twin babies by two separate families on different continents and the trans-Atlantic custody battle that ensued. It is told in three parts through testimony from each of the women at the heart of the story—the birth mother, the American adoptive mother and the Welsh adoptive mother.

Though their perspectives are different, each woman was vilified in the media and by the public as bad role models, bad mothers, bad wives and bad women.

Three Mothers, Two Babies and a Scandal originally launched exclusively on Prime Video in the U.K. and Ireland in November 2022. It is produced by Firecrest Films and directed by Alice McMahon-Major (Spice Girls: How Girl Power Changed Britain).

Three Mothers, Two Babies and a Scandal offers unrivaled access to the women at the center of a media firestorm, weaving a rich narrative that has all the ingredients to captivate worldwide audiences: kidnapping, black magic, unfit parents and four separate contests for custody,” said Ben Barrett, Blue Ant International’s global head of content financing and partnership. “It’s exemplary of the kind of nonfiction, premium stories that Blue Ant International has to offer and that are sure to help our clients attract new subscribers and ratings.”

“This story has a myriad of contradictions in a tale about the lengths three women went to–and the price they paid–in the name of motherhood,” added Nicole Kleeman, managing director of Firecrest Films. “Each mother is adamant her version is true, and we wanted to make sure we presented each woman’s truth. It’s up to the viewers to decide who they believe.”