Special Featuring Pope Francis Gets Hulu Premiere


The Pope: Answers, an original Spanish special featuring Pope Francis, is slated to premiere on April 5 exclusively on Hulu in the U.S.

The special sees the current head of the Catholic Church meet with ten young adults of different ages, backgrounds and with very different lives. It features open and honest conversations between the Pope and the young adults, who raise questions and concerns on a variety of topics, including feminism, reproductive rights, the migration crisis, LGBTQIA+ rights, abuse within the Church, racism and more.

The meeting between Pope Francis and the ten young adults took place in June 2022 in the Rome neighborhood of Pigneto. The special was directed by Jordi Évole and Màrius Sanchez and produced by Producciones del Barrio.

At the end of the meeting, Pope Francis said, “I learned a lot from you. I thank you for the good you have done to me.”

Évole and Sanchez said working on the original special provided “a unique opportunity to bring together two worlds that normally do not touch, to see one of the most influential people in the world have a dialogue with a group of young adults whose lives sometimes clash head-on with the postulates of the Church. And it has been an act of great generosity, both on the part of Pope Francis and on the part of the ten young adults.”

“That Pope Francis sits down to listen and has an open dialogue with young adults, many of whom are on the periphery of the Catholic Church, with this honest and closeness gives this special enormous value, and we are very proud to be able to deliver it to the world,” said Sofia Fábregas, VP of production at Disney+ in Spain.