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Smithsonian Channel Sets LatAm Launch of Las Cantinas de Cornelio


Smithsonian Channel is gearing up to premiere the new series Las Cantinas de Cornelio throughout LatAm early this year.

A Mexicanal original production, the series, hosted by radio and TV personality Cornelio García, invites viewers into the most historic and popular cantinas in Mexico. While indulging in authentic food and drinks, García engages with locals and gets the rich culture and history behind these classic bars from those who are closest to them.

The new six-part series will provide an inside look into the most iconic cantinas in several Mexican states, where the local menus and festive music tell a distinctive story about each establishment. Through deep conversations with those who know each cantina and its history, viewers will learn what “cantina” means in cultural terms and the contributions they have made to daily life and traditions in Mexico. The first season includes 30-minute episodes shot in diverse locales, ranging from bustling downtown Mexico City and the sweltering streets of Mérida to the elegant Yucatán state capital in southeastern Mexico and more.

“Smithsonian Channel has made a major commitment to increasing programming created by local filmmakers that celebrate Latin American history and cultural richness,” said David Royle, executive VP and chief programming officer at Smithsonian Networks. “From authentic local hangouts to festive tourist destinations, cantinas have served as a significant cultural fixture in Mexico for decades. This wonderful series is an entertaining way for us to provide our viewers with a look into the colorful characters and fascinating history behind this beloved tradition.”

“Cantinas are perhaps one of the most featured and recognized Mexican scenes in pop culture around the world. We wanted to take viewers on a journey to discover or revisit these establishments,” said Demian Torres-Bohl, Mexicanal’s VP and an executive producer on the series. “Cantinas are the essence of Mexican daily life, and Cornelio is the perfect host for this series as he has vast knowledge of Mexican traditions and hails from Jalisco—the land of tequila and mariachi.”

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