Science Channel Slates Modern-Day Survival Show


NEW YORK: Next month, Science Channel is due to debut Hacking the Wild, a new series led by “digital survivalist” Andy Quitmeyer and produced by the recently launched AMPLE.

Hacking the Wild follows Quitmeyer as he uses everyday technology and science to survive in the most remote corners of the Earth. The 6×60-minute show will begin airing on Wednesday, February 15, at 10 p.m. Ari Mark and Phil Lott are executive producers for AMPLE, while Neil Laird is exec producing for Science Channel.

Marc Etkind, the general manager of Discovery Communications’ Science Channel, commented: “Andy Quitmeyer is the only person in the world who can survive the way he does—with a unique combination of know-how, tech and stamina. With Hacking the Wild, we mix primitive skills and modern technology to put a scientific spin on survival.”