CuriosityStream Orders History By The Numbers Docuseries


Saloon Media, a Blue Ant Studios company, has commenced production on the 20-part docuseries History By The Numbers for CuriosityStream.

To be produced in association with U.S.-based Jupiter Entertainment, History By The Numbers looks at the world’s collective global history by revealing surprising and unimaginable numerical facts about major historical events through a context of scale, volume and percentages.

History By The Numbers is an original commission for CuriosityStream, where it will roll out across the U.S. and select territories internationally. In Canada, the series will premiere on Blue Ant Media’s Smithsonian Channel Canada. Blue Ant International oversees international licensing for the series outside of the commissioned territories.

History by The Numbers episodes will delve into the numbers and stats behind the massive growth of the global fast-food empire to the wealth and bloodshed of the world’s top crime bosses, Mount Everest, the lives of the richest people on Earth and more.

Julie Chang, executive VP of international co-productions, said: “History By The Numbers is loaded with mind-blowing facts and comparisons and uses numbers to give audiences a fresh way to envision world milestones and historical events. Working in association with Jupiter Entertainment enabled us to delve into the subject matter with our broadcast partners, CuriosityStream and Smithsonian Channel Canada, who are the perfect fit for this scale of factual content.”

Patrick Reardon, president of Jupiter Entertainment, said: “We couldn’t ask for better partners than Blue Ant Media and CuriosityStream to bring this project to life for a global audience.”