Parade & Essential Media Partner for Koala Rescue


Parade Media has joined forces with the Australian production company Essential Media to produce a documentary about the heroics performed during the recent catastrophic bushfire season that hit Australia.

Koala Rescue tells the story of the selfless volunteers, national park and wildlife officers, firemen, vets and nurses who toiled through the hottest summer of their lives to save Australia’s most iconic animal from being wiped off the map by the catastrophic weather conditions. Based at the wildlife hospital, on location along the Australian eastern seaboard and on Kangaroo Island, this one-off documentary special starts at the fire front and then follows the rescue, care and rehab that goes into saving one of the last wild populations of koalas from extinction.

The documentary is set to premiere in March 2020. Koala Rescue is a production by Essential Media for Network 7, with Parade securing worldwide distribution rights.

Parade Media will also be donating all profits from international sales to the NSW RFS Bushfire Disaster Appeal.

Matthew Ashcroft, CEO of Parade Media, said, “Essential’s access from inside the bushfire catastrophe, and the stories of unsung Aussie heroes and their plight to save Australia’s wildlife is truly remarkable. We hope that by donating all profits from international sales to the NSW RFS Bushfire Disaster Appeal, we can in some way contribute to the safeguard of future generations living in the bush.”

Brendan Dahill, general manager of Essential Media, added, “The plight of our Koalas and the incredible volunteers that have faced the inferno to rescue and care for them really has become a symbol for the triumph of the Australian spirit in the face of adversity and some of the most extreme weather conditions we have never seen. We are delighted to be working with Network 7 and Parade Media to bring the stories on these otherwise unsung heroes to light at home and across the globe.”