Off The Fence Sells Package to USHUAïA TV


Off the Fence has presold The Future from Above to the TF1-owned nature broadcaster USHUAïA TV, which has also bought an additional 80-hour package of programming.

The upcoming four-parter The Future from Above focuses on how the world could look in 2050 if we embrace the revolutionary technology and thinking needed to transform every aspect of our lives.

The series is a co-production between OTF Studios, Sky, EarthxTV and Korea’s ENA (KT Skylife TV).

“We are unequivocally at a juncture where world audiences are demanding better storytelling on our environment, to better understand what nature is and means to us and what practical things we can all do to help tackle the challenges ahead,” said Emmanuel Grinda, Off the Fence’s Amsterdam-based sales executive. “I’m proud to say that OTF has a rich history of creating and acquiring content that answers that demand, which allows us to curate packages of programming that deliver not only what today’s audiences want, but that help us understand what our planet needs.”

Christophe Sommet, CEO of Ushuaïa TV, added, “It’s important for Ushuaïa TV to acquire programs such as The Future from Above, which is in the channel’s DNA. To inspire people to take action, the channel raises awareness of environmental issues, with a positive approach, and by proposing concrete solutions. Ushuaïa TV seeks out international catalogs that are benchmarks for our themes, as in our collaboration with Off the Fence.”

The additional 80-hour package features titles such as Nature’s Ultimate Survivors, Greenhouse by Joost, Galapagos: Hope for the Future, Wildest Islands, Wildest Middle East, Wildest Europe and Wildest Indonesia.