NHNZ Launches New Short-Form Division


NHNZ has established WiLD Studios, a new short-form division intended to strengthen connections between brands, nature and wildlife.

International brand marketer and executive producer Carolyn Managh will lead WiLD Studios. WiLD Studios produces cinematic short-form content, including anything from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, by tapping into NHNZ’s remote production crews located in key wildlife destinations around the world. WiLD Studios’ first initiative is a collaboration with WWF-New Zealand. Project Extraordinary is a competition that will see one creative agency potentially make history. It challenges creative minds from around the world to develop a short-form video concept that demonstrates how sustainability is desirable and to encourage 1 billion consumers globally to make more than 50 percent of their purchases based on sustainability as one of the top three decision triggers by 2020.

Managh said, “WiLD Studios celebrates the magnificence of our natural planet, with the mission of strengthening connections between brands, nature and wildlife. Whether it’s Antarctica, Mainland China, Siberian Desert or the Amazon, we can make it happen. With remote production crews experienced in cinematic 4K filming to international broadcast standards.”

Ian Haworth, the chief creative officer of Wunderman UK and EMEA, commented, “Authenticity and purposefulness are now an essential part of any brand’s communications, whether in campaigns or social media content. Using connections to nature is a powerful platform to do this, and when it comes to content in this space, the filmmakers at WiLD are wildlife whisperers.”

NHNZ’s managing director, Kyle Murdoch, remarked, “WiLD Studios is the natural next step in the evolution of NHNZ. We’ve had a love affair with wildlife for over 40 years, including ten years producing long-form documentaries co-funded by brands such as Samsung and Buick. Combine this experience with a growing appetite for short-form content and then add Carolyn’s marketing and agency experience into the mix, and we have a world-class offering. This is part of NHNZ’s long-term strategy to be a best-in-class producer across a range of content offering.”