NATPE Spotlight: Parade


MIAMI: Parade has a wealth of factual content in its catalog that CEO Matthew Ashcroft believes will appeal to buyers from the U.S. and LatAm.

Among them, Chris Humfrey’s Animal Instinct features an Australian zoologist who takes viewers on a journey to understand the importance of protecting all living creatures. Desert Vet follows veterinarian Rick Fenny, his family and his network of vet clinics as they work with animals in some of the most remote and hostile conditions across Western Australia. “Our young zoologist, vets and animal scientists will take viewers on the road and into the skies, under the seas and across the red dirt into outback towns to experience the day-to-day stories of animals and their owners,” says Ashcroft.

Meanwhile, Unplanned America treks across the U.S. with three Australians exploring unique worlds. “Stories that explore companionship, bush ingenuity, career passion and old-school legacy will attract animal lovers, docu buffs and nature nerds alike,” Ashcroft says.