Nat Geo WILD Launches Filmmaking Challenge


Nat Geo WILD and RED Digital Cinema, a manufacturer of professional digital cameras, have aligned for Nat Geo WILD’s RED Challenge, which seeks to reinvent wildlife storytelling.

Ten experienced filmmakers will head out on a 15-week mission to produce, shoot and deliver innovative short films showcasing their modern take on the wildlife genre. The filmmakers are encouraged to push creative boundaries in the field, using some of the best camera technology available. The winner of the challenge will be announced at the 2017 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in September.

“RED is disrupting the filmmaking industry by reinventing visual storytelling, so we’re naturally thrilled to partner with them on this ambitious and innovative challenge,” said Geoff Daniels, the executive VP and general manager of Nat Geo WILD. “Wildlife filmmaking is one of the most celebrated and specialized forms of storytelling and, incidentally, one of the oldest, which is why we want to give participants complete freedom to unleash their creativity as we look to inspire audiences around the world with their unique vision. I can’t wait to see how these filmmakers redefine the genre by going WILD!”

“We are really excited to partner with Nat Geo WILD on the RED Challenge,” said Jarred Land, the president of RED Digital Cinema. “I am looking forward to seeing what these filmmakers create when equipped with RED cameras to help them capture their stories.”