MIPTV Spotlight: Gusto Worldwide Media


The Gusto Worldwide Media baking series Flour Power is set in a retro-style kitchen, where the host shows viewers how to make baked treats.

The 4K series is accompanied by recipes, webisodes and food photography for buyers. In Bonacini’s Italy, celebrity chef Michael Bonacini prepares Italian fare, while One World Kitchen showcases international cuisines. Both of these offerings are also done in 4K and have additional web content available.

Flour Power celebrates baking in a retro fashion; Bonacini’s Italy is a modern, sophisticated take on classic Italian dishes loved around the world; and One World Kitchen celebrates nine different cuisines from nine points of the globe,” says Chris Knight, the president and CEO of Gusto Worldwide Media.

He adds that the company is excited about taking the Gusto channel into new markets, “and we are actively seeking partners.”

“We have 200 hours of quality 4K content that we’d like to sell to you,” he adds.