MIPTV Spotlight: Boat Rocker Studios


The 2×1-hour docuseries COVID America, from Boat Rocker Studios, uncovers how everyday Americans are dealing with the pandemic and the new structure of our lives.

The company is also showcasing the four-part My Trans Journey, which follows Dr. Carys Massarella’s patients as they work to overcome personal challenges and thrive in their transitions.

Meanwhile, Relative Race sees four teams take a ten-day odyssey to discover new relatives and compete for a grand prize. “With a surging interest in family history in recent years, Relative Race shows the incredible impact finding previously unknown family members can have, wrapped up in an exciting and hugely popular reality race format,” says Natalie Vinet, VP of global sales for factual.

“All three of these titles tell powerful and emotional stories with immense human interest while tackling subjects with global resonance and real contemporary relevance,” adds Vinet.