MIPCOM Spotlight: TCB Media Rights


Rookie pilots are the focus of TCB Media Rights’ EasyJet: Inside the Cockpit.

EasyJet offers unrivaled access and is a great piece of light entertainment,” says Paul Heaney, the CEO of TCB Media Rights.

The company is also presenting the new series Flipping Bangers, which “offers a twist on the ‘buy car, do-up car, sell car’ sub-genre,” Heaney notes.

There is also the docuseries World’s Wildest Weather. “World’s Wildest Weather doesn’t try to be anything other than a contemporary science series with the very best clips and personal testimony—drama on a huge scale,” Heaney says. “Flipping Bangers and World’s Wildest Weather are TCB-funded via our network of buyers, rather than commissioned. They tell us what they want, and we give the brief to the producer with the best track record in the area.”

He adds, “We want to take factual buyers through the easiest route possible for them to get the shows they need.”