MIPCOM Spotlight: Autentic Distribution


From Autentic Distribution’s People & Places strand, the three-part docuseries World’s Most Dangerous Railway Lines brings viewers along on a train journey through extreme landscapes.

The railway lines “tell the story not only of industrial culture but also of progress and the art of travel,” says Mirjam Strasser, head of sales and acquisitions. “They are truly breathtaking, beautiful and fascinating.”

The factual-entertainment series Heroes of the Deep showcases Baltic divers and their discoveries at the bottom of the sea. A history program on Autentic’s slate, Berlin—Fateful Years of a Metropolis chronicles the events in Berlin over six decades—from the building of the Berlin Wall to when the city once again became the capital of a united Germany.

Strasser adds, “We have a great variety of new programs in each genre and are keen to see them travel around the world.”