ID Orders The Lost Women of NXIVM


Investigation Discovery (ID) has greenlit The Lost Women of NXIVM, a two-hour special that aims to uncover what really happened to four members of Keith Raniere’s cult.

The ID order comes on the heels of Raniere being found guilty on multiple criminal charges, among them sex trafficking and racketeering. From AMPLE Entertainment, The Lost Women of NXIVM explores the circumstances that led to four women either vanishing or dying during their time with the cult. While official accounts list suicide or illness as causes of death, the special highlights the contested evidence, allegations of tainted police reports and the possibility of murder that are at the center of an active investigation. It features past NXIVM members, informants and eyewitnesses who offer insight about the truth of what befell Kristin Snyder, Gina Hutchinson and other women of the cult.

Henry Schleiff, group president of ID, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel and Destination America, said: “As the cryptic and chilling details behind NXIVM continue to surface, each revelation is more astonishing than the last. The time has finally arrived for Keith Raniere to be brought to justice, and we at Investigation Discovery think it is also time to help amplify the stories of these women who will not be forgotten.”