Jackal Group to Adapt Ann Margaret Carrozza Book


LOS ANGELES: The Jackal Group has picked up the TV rights for Love & Money: Protecting Yourself from Angry Exes, Wacky Relatives, Con Artists and Inner Demons, a book penned by media personality and former New York State Assemblywoman Ann Margaret Carrozza.

The Jackal Group will adapt the book into an unscripted television series, which Carrozza will host and produce. The show aims to teach viewers how to make smart legal and financial decisions. The Jackal Group’s Gail Berman and Joe Earley will serve as executive producers.

Love & Money is published by Allworth Press and is slated for release on May 16.

“Even in today’s litigious world, it can still be taboo to broach the topic of contracts and legal matters when it comes to marriage, family and relationships,” said Berman. “Ann Margaret is the foremost authority on how to navigate these tricky issues, and does so with an engaging personality and through captivating stories. We are excited to work with her to bring a unique, entertaining and often illuminating series to life.”

“It comes as a surprise to many that we are more likely to do legal battle with a close friend, family member or romantic partner than with a stranger,” added Carrozza. “These financially devastating explosions between loved ones and money cut across every single demographic. I am thrilled to be working with The Jackal Group on a program that showcases these hair-raising and wildly entertaining stories, while giving viewers the information and tools to protect themselves from such fates.”