Gunpowder & Sky Partners with This is Just a Test for True-Crime Doc


Gunpowder & Sky has partnered with director and producer Aengus James and producer Colin King Miller’s This is Just a Test for the true-crime documentary thriller Vigilante.

In addition to James and Miller, Amy Rapp is attached as producer and Meredith Vieira will executive produce. Vigilante is the untold story of a man seeking justice for his father’s murder through any means necessary.

It documents the story of Paul Lima whose father, lawyer Albert Lima, was kidnapped and murdered in Honduras in 2000 by someone they knew personally. For 13 years, the surviving Lima has tried to bring his father’s killer to justice, but corruption and inaction on behalf of the Honduran government have kept the murderer free. Vigilante looks on as Paul Lima takes matters into his own hands, hiring two private investigators to capture the murderer and bring him to a federal prison.

“From inception, we have been dedicated to telling unique, narrative-driven stories and Vigilante is a story that we couldn’t pass up; we had to be a part of it,” said David Harris, the senior VP of development at Gunpowder & Sky. “We are thrilled to partner with the talented Aengus James, Amy Rapp and Meredith Vieira to share this incredible journey of a passionate son who steps into the corrupt and dangerous universe of Honduras in order to obtain justice for his family.”

“When I met Paul, he asked, ‘What would you do if your father’s killer was never brought to justice and continues to live his life as a thug hurting others without consequence?” James commented. “It’s a heartbreaking story of courage and morality, of hope and despair, about a son who wants to honor his father but perhaps has lost sight of the man his father raised him to be. In the movies, we celebrate those who seek revenge. In real life, it’s a moral quagmire and so is this documentary. What does one root for when the law is corrupt but vigilantism itself is an act of lawlessness? As Paul desperately searches for a moral compass, so does this film.”