GRB Media Ranch Scores New Sales


GRB Media Ranch has completed a host of new sales for several factual programs and a format in Australia, the U.S., the U.K. and Israel.

Australia’s Seven Network licensed On the Case, a true-crime series exploring real murder mysteries through in-depth interviews with witnesses and suspects and the examination of forensic evidence.

Seasons one and two of Relative Justice were picked up by OTT Studio for the U.S. In the arbitration-based reality court show, Judge Rhonda Willis works to resolve intra-family legal disputes to deliver justice and help rebuild relationships.

In the U.K., Discovery acquired the second season of the paranormal investigative series Death Walker. The show is hosted by series creator Nick Groff, who theorizes and investigates the origin of some of the most notorious hauntings in America.

Israel’s YES licensed Magnolia’s Hope, following a family’s actions as they initially attempt to cure their daughter from a rare, debilitating disorder. After receiving the final diagnosis, Rett syndrome, the family struggles to cope with their daughter’s special needs. The 60-minute documentary spans eight years of the child’s life.

Also, River Rock Films in the U.S. has optioned the format 12 Star Hotel, which sees 12 celebrities take over a real hotel, working in all the staff positions, from management to maid service, with no outside help for two weeks. They are judged by hospitality, entertainment and hotelier industry professionals.

“GRB Media Ranch is pleased to announce the sales of its content to longtime clients and new buyers,” said Sophie Ferron, president of GRB Media Ranch. “We are expanding our format presence and are excited that 12 Star Hotel has been optioned in the U.S. These agreements are representative of the reception we have gotten to the company’s continued acquisition of highly watchable content. Still in the initial year of its merger, GRB Media Ranch is delighted to see the results of its efforts. At GRB Media Ranch, we’ve got stories!”