GRB Media Ranch Inks Distribution Deals


Several program deals were finalized by GRB Media Ranch ahead of the upcoming MIPCOM.

GRB Media Ranch co-principals Gary R. Benz and Sophie Ferron have revealed that the deals span the globe from Australia, South Korea, the Middle East and Iberia.

From Australia, Seven Network acquired seasons seven, eight and nine of GRB Media Ranch’s true-crime docuseries On the Case. The long-running series explores intriguing murder mysteries through in-depth interviews with those closest to the case and examines the forensic evidence that helped unravel the mystery.

MBC took Showdown of the Unbeatables for the Middle East. The game show sees inventors and entrepreneurs pit their unique products and machines against each other and put their reputations to the test in a head-to-head invention battle.

South Korea’s JCG acquired three titles: Icons Unearthed: Fast & Furious, Icons Unearthed: Star Wars and Icons Unearthed: Marvel. Multicanal Iberia also acquired the final title.

Benz stated: “GRB Media Ranch is fully operational at both our sales and acquisitions level, working at full speed since our launch just 6 weeks ago! These deals are an indicator of the reception we’ve gotten to the great programs we offer. We are booked solid with meetings at MIPCOM with our partners to bring them even more content with high levels of audience appeal.”

Ferron added: “We are thrilled with the reaction we’ve gotten to some of our best programs which are also available for other territories. Gary and I are looking forward to having our entire team together for the first time at MIPCOM and, as our motto says, ‘…we’ve got stories’—over 5,000 hours of them!”