FremantleMedia Shores Up Sales for The Lie Detective


Following the premiere of True North’s The Lie Detective on Channel 4 in the U.K. in 2016, FremantleMedia has secured sales for the factual reality program with partners across the globe.

FremantleMedia distributes The Lie Detective and holds the global tape and format rights, excluding the U.S. FremantleMedia International has completed tape sales in Africa, Russia, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Indian sub-continent, New Zealand, and pan-regional Asia and Latin America. Additional offers are pending in several other territories. FremantleMedia has also produced or licensed local versions of The Lie Detective in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Greece, Slovenia and Latvia.

The series sees current couples, wannabe couples and former couples engage in candid, heart-to-heart conversations with their loved ones. They use a lie detective to find out whether they’ve always been truthful.

Marc Allen, the managing director of True North, said, “Creating a breakout format and seeing our shows remade internationally has always been an ambition for us here at True North. So to see The Lie Detective capture the imagination of so many international broadcasters so quickly is amazing. We hope the success of these international versions will see the brand continue to grow globally and create a platform for more of our ideas to travel internationally.”

Angela Neillis, the director of non-scripted for the U.K., EMEA and Asia Pacific at FremantleMedia International, commented, “When we first spoke to True North about The Lie Detective, we knew that the show had massive potential for distribution as both a finished tape sale of the Channel 4 version, but also as a format, which FremantleMedia has converted into a remarkable number of sales. True North’s show has absolute honesty at its core, which provides audiences with awkward revelations, heartfelt declarations or relationship-destroying confessions—all addictive viewing.”