Fashion’s Dirty Secrets Sells Across 11 Territories


BBC Studios has licensed Fashion’s Dirty Secrets, presented by Stacey Dooley, into markets such as Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Africa, Iran and Korea.

Fashion’s Dirty Secrets, which aired in September 2018 on BBC One in the U.K., uncovers the hidden costs of consumer’s addiction to fast fashion. From indie producer Hello Halo, the series has been sold by BBC Studios into 11 markets in total.

Hello Halo’s MisFITS Like Us format has been licensed to DR in Denmark, which will re-title the program as Different Like Me. The series, which first aired on BBC Three as a three-parter, follows what happens when strangers with the same condition turn up at the door of someone in need and spend the next few days living their lives.

Wendy Rattray, managing director of Hello Halo, said: “Fashion’s Dirty Secrets was a shocking insight into the dramatic impact the fashion industry has on our environment. We are thrilled that this story is one that will get more attention in so many territories across the world.

“I’m delighted that MisFITS Like Us has started selling in other countries. The series makes significant steps in normalizing differences which is vital in society. The contributors involved all experienced a genuine and profound change in their lives simply by meeting other people just like them. It was a delight to witness.”