Cook Clever, Waste Less with Prue & Rupy Set for Channel 4


Channel 4 is slated to premiere Cook Clever, Waste Less with Prue & Rupy, a new four-part series fronted by Prue Leith and Dr. Rupy Aujla.

In the series, Leith and Aujla will transform the cooking and food shopping habits of four British families. Each week, the cooks will team up with a different family to understand how food is wasted in their respective households and to teach them recipes for tasty easy-to-make meals using store cupboard staples and budget-friendly meal planning.

From BBC Studios’ Science Unit, Waste Less with Prue & Rupy features Hellmann’s as a series sponsor.

Aujla said: “I’m super proud to have been part of a show alongside Prue teaching families from all backgrounds the simple steps toward wasting less food, saving money and improving their health. We could all do with wasting less, and instead of simply highlighting the problem, I believe that by creating a joyful and exciting program full of tips and recipes we also motivate and inspire people watching at home. It was a privilege to work with the studio on this project and the wider team, and I believe we can enact real cultural change to our health and environmental wellbeing one delicious plate at a time. It really is possible to waste less, save money, eat better and improve your health!”

Deborah Dunnett, commissioning editor for features and daytime at Channel 4, said: “When it comes to leftovers, Prue Leith is the absolute queen. I’m thrilled that she and the superlative Dr. Rupy are pairing up to bring us amazing recipes that not only help you save money but also help save the planet.”

Fikerte Woldegiorgis, marketing director for Foods Unilever UKI, said: “At Hellmann’s, we believe food is simply too good to waste. We are proud to be part of the team bringing Cook Clever, Waste Less with Prue & Rupy to TVs across the U.K. Through this show, we hope to spark awareness and conversation on food waste, and on the role each of us can play in tackling this enormous environmental problem. We hope it will shine the light on food waste similar to the positive action on plastic waste we have seen in recent years.”

Paul Overton, executive producer, added: “The series is packed full of genius food facts, big reveals about our most wasted foods, and top tips and recipes to make use of leftovers. Food expert Prue Leith and founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen, Dr. Rupy, make a brilliant pairing to deliver these useful facts and hacks that audiences can take home to help reduce the amount of food that we waste.”