Channel 5 Orders World War II Special from October Films


October Films has been commissioned to produce a feature documentary special on Remembrance Day and a series exploring hidden aspects of World War II for Channel 5.

How Britain Won World War Two, co-produced with Motion Content Group, is a documentary special to mark this year’s Remembrance Day, featuring Michael Buerk and Arthur Williams uncovering the hidden stories and events that changed the course of the war. They look behind the scenes of some of the most famous turning points—including Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the D-Day landings—to find the unsung heroes and heroines who made them possible.

In the three-part docuseries The Dambusters Story: A Battle Against Time, historian Dan Snow relives the countdown to the most daring and ingenious bombing raids in history. The story follows Squadron Leader Guy Gibson as he assembles and trains a crack team of 133 young airmen whose mission is to destroy the great dams of Germany using a revolutionary new bouncing bomb.

Adam Bullmore, managing director of October Films, said: “We’re delighted to be in production for Channel 5 on these two shows in which Michael, Arthur and Dan discover hidden heroes and new evidence about some of Britain’s most iconic stories from World War II; revealing the people and their moments of destiny that forged our common history.”