Breakthrough Adds Pair of Docuseries to Catalog


TORONTO: Breakthrough Entertainment has signed on to internationally distribute The Shocking Truth and Expedition Earth, two new documentary series from Pyramid Productions.

The Shocking Truth reveals the true stories behind real-life murders and paranormal occurrences. Each episode looks at how Hollywood has turned some of these events into screen adaptations.

Expedition Earth spotlights the world’s most interesting animals. The series, which was filmed in 4K, also features a virtual-reality companion module to enhance the viewing experience. Craig McGillivray, Breakthrough’s VP of distribution, said: “This Pyramid Productions series will grab audiences visually by taking them to the far corners of our planet to experience some of the most magnificent vistas and wildlife our world has to offer.”

McGillivray added: “The opportunity to offer these very distinct documentary series to our international clients is exciting for Breakthrough Entertainment as we are always focused on sourcing new and exhilarating content to bring to viewers around the globe.”

James Buddy Day, executive producer at Pyramid Productions, noted: “We are extremely proud of these vibrant and invigorating documentary series. Having the proven international distribution track record of Breakthrough Entertainment will only help us share these programs with the broadest range of broadcasters and documentary enthusiasts around the world.”