BossaNova Bets on “Fewer, Bigger, Better” Strategy


BossaNova Media has headlined its London TV Screenings showcase with three factual titles that speak to its “fewer, bigger, better” strategy, including Museum Mysteries.

Zona Mixta’s 6×60-minute Museum Mysteries delves into 20 of Europe’s museums to unpack the secrets, mysteries and coded messages that lie behind many artifacts and artworks.

The 2×60-minute The World’s Biggest Cruise Ship boards Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas to explore its inner workings, both technical and human.

The Infinite Deep: Stories of Lost Submarines, at either 60 or 90 minutes, is the latest AMS Pictures title in BossaNova’s catalog. The documentary sets out to investigate notorious cases of lost submarines.

Paul Heaney, CEO of BossaNova, said: “BossaNova’s team is trying to mirror how buyers are considering content these days with our own acquisition and commissioning strategy for our content pipeline. Essentially we are looking to do three things: build up existing franchises, create new ones and give the market what we think it wants regarding short run impactful documentaries across the crime and factual genres.

“These three new titles are perfect examples of this approach to content development, funding and creation. Over the last three years, we’ve invested around £10 million—yes, that’s right, £10 million—in new projects, which has not only helped to keep our producer-partners in business but has taught us a great deal about the creative risk/reward ratio. We’re drawing on our years of experience in the factual marketplace to identify projects that we believe have the potential to go global–shows, in other words, of the caliber of The World’s Biggest Cruise Ship, Museum Mysteries and The Infinite Deep.”