MIPTV Spotlight: BossaNova Media


BossaNova Media’s Museum Mysteries “is effortlessly intentional,” says Holly Cowdery, head of sales.

The title takes audiences into museums across the U.K., France, Spain and Germany, telling the stories of some of the objects and artifacts they closet.

The Push aims to raise awareness of domestic honor killings, calling on governments to address this complex and often hidden issue. The story “will resonate with audiences around the world,” adds Cowdery.

The World’s Biggest Cruise Ship takes a peek into a recent ship launch from the Royal Caribbean. The title offers a mix of engineering entertainment, unique visuals, heartfelt stories from crew all over the world and escapism as it explores the record-breaking Icon of the Seas, which entered service in January 2024.

“MIPTV will be an important market for us this year as we consolidate the development work we’ve done with our producer community,” adds Cowdery.