BossaNova Scores Deals for Rare TV Doc


BossaNova Media has licensed Rare TV’s documentary Searching for Michael Jackson’s Zoo to C More Entertainment for its channels across Scandinavia and RTL Netherlands.

The doc, commissioned by ITV from Rare TV, looks at the fate of the exotic animals Jackson had at his Neverland Ranch. Co-produced with Freshwater Films, the film is fronted by Ross Kemp.

Tatjana Kostovski, senior sales manager at BossaNova, said: “Michael Jackson is a very controversial figure, and the story around him is of course mind-blowing. Searching for Michael Jackson’s Zoo is a noisy, edgy show, just what the buyers are telling us they need. We only launched the show last week, so this is a tremendous start. Michael Jackson’s story still resonates, for good and bad reasons of course, and will for years to come. This clever, fresh and compelling way of telling the story from an entirely new perspective assures that this prime time show will continue to capture the imagination of global audiences.”