Blink Films Readying Dog Tales & Cat Tales for PBS


PBS has commissioned two new documentaries produced by the U.K. indie Blink Films—Dog Tales and Cat Tales—for its NOVA strand.

Both Dog Tales and Cat Tales include interviews with geneticists, experts in animal behavior, archaeologists, vets and scientists to explore the history of the two species. It will take a look at the wild animals stretching back tens of thousands of years ago to today’s domesticated pets, and how their relationship with humans has shaped their evolution and behaviors.

Dog Tales and Cat Tales are NOVA Productions by Blink Films for WGBH Boston in association with BBC. Blink Films is a Tin Roof Media company.

Dan Chambers, co-founder and creative director at Blink Films, said: “Despite humans looking after cats and dogs as pets and close companions for thousands of years, there is still a huge amount most of us don’t know about them, and about how we have both shaped our lives with each other during that time. These programs will be a fascinating and revealing look at the closest relationships we have with animals.”