Autentic Heads to MIPTV with More Than 200 Hours of Programming


Autentic Distribution’s vast library of more than 200 program hours of factual content tackles terrorism, explores world cultures and dives into the Olympic Games ahead of Tokyo 2020.

From its history catalog, Autentic is taking to MIPTV Terrorism Close Calls, which teaches viewers about terrorist schemes that military and intelligence services around the world have thwarted, and includes testimony from leading counter-terrorism experts. In Terror, interviews, archive material and reconstructions are used to examine historically significant terrorist attacks. The documentary Sisi: Assassination of an Empress is about Empress Elisabeth and how she became a victim of an anarchist movement.

Our Neighbour’s Table features winegrowers, cooks, housewives, fishermen and others across Europe presenting various culinary treasures. The five-part docuseries Iberia’s Rivers of Life takes viewers to lesser-known areas of Spain and Portugal to explore the region’s five largest rivers. Last Treasures of the Earth is a documentary feature about remote parts of the world and the people who live there, including the sea nomads in Malaysia and the Indians in the Brazilian rainforest.

A fly-on-the-wall expedition to explore the European continent and its young people unfolds in real time in 24H Europe: The Next Generation. “This program of parallel worlds and contradictions is a contemporary document and a manifest for a future in the making,” says Autentic Distribution’s general manager of sales, Anne Hufnagel.

Released in celebration of Woodstock’s 50th anniversary, docuseries The Woodstock Bus: Finding the Light follows a road trip to find one of America’s lost art treasures and sees the original artist resurrect, restore and repaint the bus.

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics approaches, Autentic is showcasing documentary Tuna on Tour, which shows traders, chefs and market women from the world’s largest fish market in the center of Tokyo embarking on an adventure as the market moves to an artificial island on the outskirts of the city due to the Games. Rebels for the Olympic Games follows skateboarders as they take part in the first Games in history in which their sport is recognized. Documentary Tokyo: The Safest Games in the World? tracks three individuals in their everyday lives and how the newly established security measures impact them.

“We are always looking for the top-notch and best international documentary programs and series,” says Hufnagel.