ARTE, RBB & SWR Order Fast-Turnaround Ukraine Doc


ARTE, RBB and SWR have commissioned LOOKSfilm for the fast-turnaround documentary Ukraine’s War: Europe’s Dilemma.

The documentary will see British director Claire Walding assess the challenges facing the struggling democracy. She will also take a look at the presidency of Volodymyr Zelensky from his inauguration in May 2019 until today, connecting his personal story to that of his country.

Ahead of becoming the president of Ukraine, Zelensky played a president in the TV series Servant of the People. His vision of a future within the European Union won him a landslide victory and power in Ukraine. With exclusive access to Zelensky himself, as well as to high-level insiders and experts from East and West, Walding seeks to find out if Zelensky can keep his promise and succeed where others before him have failed, what’s at stake for Russia’s Putin and if the E.U. foreign policy is likely to pass this test.

Ukraine’s War: Europe’s Dilemma is scheduled to premiere in August on ARTE as a two-parter and on ARD in feature length.

Producer Gunnar Dedio said: “The only way to understand the imminent risk we face is to see it from the very different perspectives of the opponents.”