Anne Hufnagel to Depart Autentic Distribution


Anne Hufnagel, the long-time general manager of Autentic Distribution, is set to leave the documentary sales company by the middle of the year.

Isabelle Helle, former managing director of BBC Worldwide Germany, will take over as interim manager. Helle currently runs her own consultancy business.

Patrick Hörl, managing director of Autentic, said: “With her charisma and energy, Anne made Autentic Distribution to what it is today. I am very thankful for what she has done in building the company and putting together a powerful team, for which many may envy us, who are dedicating themselves on a daily basis to build opportunities for documentaries and reports to find the international audience they deserve.

“Isabelle has a deep understanding of the factual genre, knows the market and has excellent connections. We are very happy that she will take on this responsibility,” Hörl added.

Hufnagel said: “I would like to thank Patrick Hörl and Autentic for exciting five years. We have launched Autentic Distribution and made it to a pertinent player in the market.”