All 4 Orders Docuseries on Tattoo Culture in British Prisons


All 4 has commissioned Studio Lambert to produce Sketch’s Prison Ink (working title), a docuseries fronted by Tattoo Fixers’ Sketch that explores the tattoo culture in Britain’s prisons.

The 8×11-minute observational documentary series will take viewers along as Sketch delves into the meaning and culture of prison tattoos. Sketch will meet people who were tattooists inside, others who got inked and the guards who try to stop the dangerous practice. Sketch will reveal the hidden meaning behind common prison tattoos and ask why people are willing to take the health risk involved in self-inking to commemorate their most difficult moments. He will also meet people who have used their own prison ink as a source of inspiration to help them turn their lives around.

Sketch commented: “I’m really proud of the series. The subject is something I’ve been interested in since I was a kid and meeting all sorts of ex-prisoners for the show has given me an even greater understanding of how and why people get inked behind bars, and why my dad did the same.”

Daisy Mount, editor at All 4, said, “The rich, illuminating world of tattoos and the meanings behind them is a fantastic new way into the difficult subjects that prison life throws up. We’re thrilled to be working with Sketch and Studio Lambert on this exciting new series.”

Studio Lambert’s creative director, Tim Harcourt, added, “We’re delighted to bring this series to the All 4 audience, exploring tattoos and their relationship with prisons. This impactful format takes the viewer inside a fascinating world, rarely caught on camera, and I am pleased to report that these two popular television subject matters, tattoos and prisons, are able to reveal a lot about each other.”

The docuseries is produced by Studio Lambert and was commissioned by All 4’s Thom Gulseven, commissioning editor, and Mount. Jack Burgess and Matt J. Smith are executive producers, while Niall O’Driscoll is the series producer for Studio Lambert.