Al Arabiya Network Launches Al Arabiya Business


Al Arabiya Network has created Al Arabiya Business, a brand-new service dedicated to news and updates from the world of business, finance and more.

The launch responds to the growing demand for comprehensive and real-time coverage surrounding increasing and accelerating political events in the region. Al Arabiya Business is available for free-to-air broadcast, as well as via Shahid and Al Arabiya Network’s website and YouTube channel.

Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, chairman of MBC GROUP and Al Arabiya Network, stated: “Al Arabiya and Al Hadath’s commitment to extensively covering significant events in the region–including current events in Gaza–has driven us to introduce Al Arabiya Business, a platform primarily dedicated to business and finance updates. It’s widely recognized that the heartbeat of global financial markets never falters, even in the midst of conflicts and disasters. Our objective is for Al Arabiya Network to maintain its status as a trusted source for viewers seeking updates on economic and financial developments, all the while staying informed about the ongoing critical events in our region and worldwide.”

Mamdouh AlMuhaini, general manager of Al Arabiya Network and Al Hadath, added: “The financial and business sector, as highlighted in our Aswaq Al Arabiya (Al Arabiya Markets) program, has garnered considerable attention from our viewers. In light of the upsurge in conflicts and significant events, especially in the Middle East and North Africa–such as the earthquakes in Turkey, Syria and Morocco, the war in Sudan and the ongoing situation in Gaza–our viewers are increasingly eager to stay informed around the clock.

“As a result, we made the decision to launch Al Arabiya Business as a service dedicated to the latest updates, as well as streaming Aswaq Al Arabiya as standalone segments, aligning with our commitment to cater to our viewers’ ever-evolving informational needs, be it in the realm of politics, economics or the business sector.”