A+E Networks in Chinese Partnerships for The Silk Road: Reborn


A+E Networks is teaming up with China Central Television (CCTV) and China International Television Corporation (CITVC) to co-produce The Silk Road: Reborn.

The new partnership marks A+E Networks’ first collaboration with CITVC to co-produce factual programming for the global marketplace. A one-hour version of The Silk Road: Reborn will be produced for broadcast in the U.S. An extended, two-hour version is planned for broadcast throughout Asia. The doc shines a light on the reincarnation of the world’s oldest network of trade into a modern global-trading superhighway.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with CITVC on this important documentary as we further the growth of our footprint outside the U.S. through strategic partnerships for content production,” said Edward Sabin, the executive managing director of A+E Networks International. “Storytelling is the heart and soul of everything we do and the modern transformation the Silk Road, of one of ancient mankind’s most successful efforts at globalization, is a significant story that will prove to impact today’s global economy.”

“As the creative force behind [much] of the most groundbreaking and buzziest content in the media landscape, A+E Networks is the perfect partner to focus audiences on the incredible rebirth of the Silk Road and its new network of power and communication that is destined to once again transform lives 2,000 years after it was created,” said Jianing Shen, president assistant of CITVC.