About Premium Content Scores Sales on Dream the Future, Freightened


PARIS: About Premium Content (APC) has landed several new international broadcast deals for its factual programs Dream the Future and Freightened.

Commissioned by Planete+, APC’s Dream the Future has sold to First HD in Russia, Tiberius Germany, United Media Korea, Italy’s Mediaset, German-language channel SRF in Switzerland, Studio Hamburg Enterprises Germany and Prima in the Czech Republic. The ten stand-alone episodes explore the future in key areas of everyday life. APC will also distribute season two of Dream the Future, which is currently in production with the full series set for delivery by March 2017.

The thrilling investigative film Freightened has been licensed in a number of key markets, including sales to DR in Denmark, VARA Netherlands, LTV Latvia, SBS in Australia and Medialaan in Belgium. Freightened is an international investigation behind the scenes of the sea shipping business.

Emmanuelle Guilbart, joint CEO and co-founder at APC, said: “APC is building a strong lineup of acclaimed factual programs and we are thrilled to have secured further sales for both Dream the Future and Freightened. We are proud to be creating socially significant documentary content, showcasing the creative, thought-provoking vision that APC is committed to delivering with every project.”