265 Days Without Waves Streaming Free on Rakuten TV


265 Days Without Waves, a documentary about surfers in Barcelona, is set to debut exclusively on Rakuten TV for free on July 25.

The project, directed by Julie Gomez, filmed over several years in the Barcelona area, capturing a group of surfers who have managed to create a community and promote surf culture in a territory that only sees 100 days of waves a year.

The title follows eight local surfers: Evan Illas, Esteban Roses, Paco Escolà, Sören Manzoni, Abel Marsal, Sergi Galanó, Pilar Páramo and Felip Verger.

265 Days Without Waves is produced by Glassy Films, Elemental Komunika and Kalapa Studio, in collaboration with the Rider Agency and other freelance professionals.