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TV Kids In-Demand: In Development


The latest TV Kids In-Demand report highlights hot properties in development: IoM Media Ventures & Hot Drop Films’ Grant’s Wishes, foo entertainment’s Miss Bellyfoo & The Daba Diba Duba Land, Safi Productions’ Zayn & Zayna’s Little Farm and Zodiak Kids’ Bekaw.


Grant’s Wishes


Produced By: Created by Phillip Stamp and co-produced by IoM Media Ventures Inc. & Hot Drop Films.
Partner Potential: IoM Media Ventures Inc. and Hot Drop Films are looking for international broadcast or OTT partners that want the opportunity to make their viewers’ wishes come true.
Description: Best friends Grant and Rai are new agents at the Department of Wish Fulfillment (DWF), a top-secret, supernatural organization tasked with actualizing wishes. This action-packed procedural comedy is a mix between Men in Black and My Name is Earl, exploring themes of “wants vs. needs” and “be careful what you wish for.” The 53×11-minute show is aimed at kids 6 to 9.
Pitch Perfect: Click here to see IoM Media Ventures’ Phillip Stamp, Hot Drop Films’ Alan Keane and producer Aaron Simpson discuss the creation of Grant’s Wishes and present the high-concept animated comedy and its main characters.
Contacts: Phillip Stamp, Aaron Simpson, Alan Keane, Kendra Lundy.

Miss Bellyfoo & The Daba Diba Duba Land


Produced By: Created and directed by Chris Djuritschek and produced by foo entertainment.
Partner Potential: Available winter 2020 from foo entertainment. The property offers a wide range of exploitation and marketing opportunities, with its combination of education, music and funny and adventurous stories and skills. foo entertainment is focusing on securing the best TV coverage in all territories.
Description: A world of music, a magical place of adventure and wonder, welcome to Daba Diba Duba Land, the land of music, dance and melodies! Accompany special agent and supergirl Miss Bellyfoo on her adventures, supported by faithful friends and a crazy professor, always fighting the evil Mastermoll and his helpers, who only know one goal: to rule over Daba Diba Duba Land. Will Miss Bellyfoo be able to bring talented kids from planet Earth to Daba Diba Duba Land to charge energy into the crystal ball? What is the secret of this crystal ball? Ideal for a wide audience, with crossover potential to hit upper preschool children and kids aged from 3 to 9. The series consists of 52 13-minute episodes.
Pitch Perfect: Miss Bellyfoo & The Daba Diba Duba Land is not only a colorful and ingeniously thought-out project for cinema, active TV series, casting show and amusement park, but also, according to the opinion of children’s scientists from Switzerland who examined the concept, a socially relevant and pedagogically valuable new dimension of entertainment. “Our mission is to support our children, who already have amazing and big visions and dreams as well as talent, self-confidence, motor skills and creativity,” says Chris Djuritschek, creator and director. “All of us, and especially the children, have to learn to deal with the fusion of reality and virtuality. Miss Bellyfoo is a perfect ambassador for this great mission and to motivate talented kids.”
Contact: Oliver Helwig, Director, Sales & Licensing, foo entertainment.

Zayn & Zayna’s Little Farm


Produced By: Safi Productions, an ethical and disruptive innovation incubation company based in London. Wa’qaar A Mirza is creator and director, Henry Becket is executive producer. Illustrated by Pablo Breh. Mirza, David Garbett and Hina Chaudri are co-writers.
Partner Potential: Thirty-four culturally diverse creatives come together to create this warm and charming animated adaptation. Safi Productions is seeking children’s broadcasters as partners on the show.
Description: An animated series that follows the exciting adventures of a sibling duo on their family farm. Engaging edutainment that introduces children to mindfulness, sustainability and diversity. Each episode is 11 minutes long, with three completed and a fourth in production. Target demo is preschoolers 3 to 6.
Pitch Perfect: Developed by a team of children’s entertainment experts from around the world, Zayn & Zayna’s Little Farm offers top-quality production with culturally diverse rich content, unique curated percussion music and a 360-degree product offering, including an Android and iOS app, a range of merchandise including books and an e-learning module. Currently proving popular in prerelease on YouTube, the channel has a growing fan base of 125,000 subscribers and 350,000 views, offering wholesome creative entertainment around mindfulness and environmental awareness.
Contact: Wa’qaar A Mirza, CEO & Founder, Safi Productions.


ImageProduced By: Zodiak Kids
Partner Potential: Zodiak Kids is seeking broadcast and co-production partners on the project.
Description: 2D animated character-driven comedy following an irrepressible chicken who was raised by crocodiles. Aimed at kids 6-plus, with 52 11-minute episodes planned.
Pitch Perfect: Bekaw is unforgettable! As the only chicken in a swamp full of much larger animals, he’s a mascot for any kid who feels like the odd-one-out. He approaches life with boundless positivity and shows us in the funniest way possible that with the right attitude, there’s nothing you can’t handle.
Contacts: Gary Milne, Julia Rowlands, Cecile Cau.

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