Turner Asia Pacific Launches Computer Programming Campaign


Turner Asia Pacific is rolling out the Code the Future with Cartoon Network initiative, encouraging students to learn the basics of computer programming in an interactive way.

The program is launching in the Philippines first and is part of a broader regional campaign to introduce coding to school children in Asia. It includes an in-school adventure camp, a young ambassador initiative and a website featuring coding tutorials, videos and concepts from Cartoon Network.

The campaign uses a free programming language and online community that provides easy access for anyone who wants to create and share interactive stories, games and animation. The three-month Code the Future workshops begin this month at ten Metro Manila schools. Kids aged 8 to 10 will learn the fundamentals of coding from Cartoon Network’s shows Ben 10, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears. Turner has also enlisted the help of two young Filipino coders, Nico Jorge and Faith Khoo, to take part in the campaign and Code the Future.

“Coding is where tech, engineering and the arts all converge, and has become vitally important for this current generation of plurals,” said Vishal Dembla, Turner’s general manager for Southeast Asia. “Through this initiative, Cartoon Network will equip children—via a hugely fun and colorful method of instruction—with an essential tool that can open up many doors.”