Tricon Kids & Family On Board Digital Shorts Series


PARIS/TORONTO: Tricon Kids & Family has partnered with Savoir-Fer and REAZ for the co-production of Me, Myself & My Selfie, a series of CGI digital kids’ comedy shorts.

Me, Myself & My Selfie centers on B, a small animal who is attempting to take the perfect selfie in order to attract his soulmate. The 104×2-minute non-verbal shorts are being produced as an official French/Canadian international co-production, with creator Francois Elie Roulin composing the musical score and serving as exec producer for Savoir-Fer. Andrea Gorfolova and Frank Saperstein are executive producing for Tricon, with Robert and Martin Rea for REAZ. Tricon International will manage the property’s global distribution.

Frank Saperstein, the executive VP for kids, family and animation at Tricon Kids & Family, remarked: “We’re really excited to add this relevant and fun series to our slate and look forward to audiences enjoying it for years to come! This timely, modern version of non-verbal, short-form storytelling is showcased through B, the adorable and very relatable character in Me, Myself & My Selfie.”

Martin Rea noted: “We are really glad to be part of this exciting project. B is such an adorable, lovable and relatable character that you can’t help but root for him to find his perfect soulmate, even against all odds.”

“Me, myself and my team are very exited too,” added Roulin.