Toon-A-Vision Launches on Bell TV


Toon-A-Vision, a kids’ and family channel that broadcasts out of Nova Scotia, is now available on free preview for Bell TV customers across Canada.

The channel, which launched in October 2018, divides its children’s programming into three age segments: The Lagoon (ages 2 to 6), EH Vast (ages 6 to 12) and T@Night (12 and up). Barbie, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Monster High are available on Toon-A-Vision, as well as new original titles such as Bat Pat, Ghosts of Time, SkunkFu, ABC Monsters and Yam Roll.

Adam Mimnagh, president of Toon-A-Vision, said: “Toon-A-Vision’s newest partnership with Bell TV means more Canadian families will have access to fresh new shows they’ve never seen before. We provide safe and funny content that isn’t available in Canada on other children’s TV channels, which gives us that special something that we think families are looking for.”