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The Grimes Sells to ITV


The short-form animated series The Grimes, about the dirtiest family in the world, has been licensed to ITV.

The 15×5-minute series follows The Grimes family; no matter what normal, everyday activity they’re doing, they always end up completely filthy. They have a magical bathroom that helps them clean up and get ready for bed every day. The show is produced by The Old Branch and distributed by Bejuba! Entertainment.

Old Branch founders Eliot Wykes and Nikki Haley created The Grimes and voice the characters along with their two daughters. Ideas for the episodes came from their own lives in the middle of a forest where their kids run wild. The first give episodes premiered on YouTube.

Wykes said: “My partner and I moved out of London to the middle of a Suffolk forest five years ago to follow our dream of writing stories for children. Watching our own daughters becoming slightly feral—trying to crawl down rabbit holes, building dens using random objects dug up with a metal detector, swimming in our murky fishpond—these experiences wrote The Grimes for us. It’s a real joy to see it finally finished, and to partner with Bejuba! and ITV in bringing this filthy family out into the world.”

Tatiana Kober of Bejuba! noted, “We were delighted to begin working with Eliot and Nikki, because of the success of the series on YouTube and the strategy they have. We look forward to bringing more of their shows to the marketplace. Knowing where the series has struck a chord globally helps us to be more targeted in our sales efforts.”

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