TF1 Signs Development Agreement for Louca


TFOU, TF1’s children’s slot, has signed a development agreement with Media Valley and Belvision for the new comedy and adventure series Louca.

Based on the comic books by Bruno Dequier, Louca tells the story of the titular unpopular, clumsy teenager who is the only person that can see and hear the deceased talented soccer student Nathan. Though they never would have spoken if Nathan were alive, a strong friendship blossoms between the two.

Natalie Altmann, producer and founder of Media Valley, said: “We are very honored by the renewed trust of TF1’s youth team, with whom we have produced several successful animated series. Beyond the Louca phenomenon in comics, brought to life by its author Bruno Dequier who is also an animation professional, we want to explore the whole dynamic of comedy and adventure of the Louca-Nathan duo: Two quite different characters united by their wish to surpass themselves and, in the end, to ‘grow up’ together. Our desire is to bring together boys and girls around this theme, also by enhancing the parts played by the female characters of the comics—Julie and Chloe.”

Yann Labasque, director of TF1’s youth programs, commented: “We truly appreciated in this project, presented by Natalie Altmann, the fact that Louca, which we already knew due to its success in bookshops, is not only about football, but above all about the search for excellence and self-confidence. Louca is an engaging and very funny character, who faces the difficulties of growing from a child into a teenager. With Louca, we will follow, with humor, the daily life of a slightly different, less stereotypical but just as likable boy hero. Thanks to his hard work and determination, Louca will overcome his setbacks and take the steps toward success and self-fulfillment. These are issues at the heart of the lives of children and young teenagers.”

Raphaële Ingberg, producer and managing director of Belgium’s Belvision, said: “We are delighted to participate in the development of this series adapted from a successful brand in the Dupuis catalog (one million albums sold in French). This animation project will allow us to take the time to get to know and become more attached to the characters that have already charmed us so much in comics and enable them to shine on an international level.”

Dequier added: “As I come from the world of animation, developing an animated series for Louca has always been one of my dreams. It will allow us to enhance the universe of the comic books with totally original episodes and deepen the characters of the series. I’m very excited that TF1 is our partner in this adventure. Their youth team immediately understood that football, although at the heart of the story, is used as a metaphor to evoke the universal theme of achievement.”