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TV Kids Festival Pioneer Award Keynote: Philippe Bony

February 3, 2022

Philippe Bony, general manager of thematic TV channels at M6 Group and president of Gulli, received the TV Kids Pioneer Award at the TV Kids Festival today, where he spoke to delegates about the company’s winning combination of linear and digital platforms as it serves children and families.

Keynote: M6’s Philippe Bony

June 9, 2021

Philippe Bony, the head of thematic and youth channels at M6 Group, outlined the strategies the company has put in place to keep its market-leading portfolio at the forefront of the French kids’ sector at the TV Kids Summer Festival this morning.

M6 Group’s Philippe Bony

October 1, 2020

The head of thematic and youth channels at M6 talks about how the company is building on the success of this market-leading kids’ portfolio.