Video: m4e’s Hans Ulrich Stoef & Studio 100’s Hans Bourlon

m4e’s Hans Ulrich Stoef and Studio 100’s Hans Bourlon tell TV Kids‘ Mansha Daswani how Studio 100’s acquisition of m4e came about, the benefits of the deal and what the structure will look like as the two companies combine.

Earlier this year, Belgium’s Studio 100 Group purchased a 68-percent majority interest in Germany’s m4e, which has a catalog of more than 2,300 episodes of kids’ and family programming. The shares were acquired by Munich-based subsidiary Studio 100 Media. Hans Ulrich Stoef, who is continuing as m4e’s CEO, has also become CEO and managing director of Studio 100 Media, while Studio 100 co-founder Hans Bourlon serves as CEO of Studio 100 Group as well as CEO and managing director of Studio 100 Media.