Studio 100 Aligns with youngfilms for Johnny Sinclair Series


Studio 100 has partnered with youngfilms and B Water Studios for the new CGI adventure comedy series Johnny Sinclair: Ghost Hunter.

In the series, Johnny Sinclair can see ghosts, many of which are out to get him. With the help of a magical talking skull, the young ghost hunter and his best friends hunt monsters, specters and other spooky creatures while also juggling their studies.

The Johnny Sinclair: Ghost Hunter series is based on the best-selling novels by Sabine Städing (Magnolia Steel, Petronella Apfelmus) and is a spin-off of the John Sinclair: Ghost Hunter ghost crime novel series from the late 1970s by Jason Dark.

Johnny Sinclair: Ghost Hunter will be made in association with Studio 100 Media’s Munich-based Studio Isar Animation. Further, Studio 100 Media has taken over worldwide rights distribution as well as licensing and merchandising.

Produced by Henning Windelband (Conni and the Cat, Conni) and Dirk Hampel (Pettson and Findus, Treasure Trekkers), Johnny Sinclair: Ghost Hunter is targeted at kids aged 6 to 11. Production will commence at the end of this year and the series will be available in 2024.

Martin Krieger, CEO at Studio 100 Media, said: “We feel privileged to be part of this collaboration. The cult of the original book series goes way back, and we are absolutely convinced that this spin-off for children has all the right elements for an exciting and successful series. We are looking forward to working with Henning Windelband, his team and B Water.”

Henning Windelband, CEO at youngfilms, said: “Searching for exciting content that moves, I came across the novels of Johnny Sinclair. Creating a youthful counterpart for the extremely successful cult ghost hunter John Sinclair and thus making it accessible to a new, younger target group works fantastically. Johnny Sinclair is a modern fairy tale and a strong brand, which is entertaining, thrilling, educational, international and unique. It is already a great pleasure and lots of fun to work with our partners B Water and Studio 100.”

Dirk Hampel, CEO at B Water, added: “We believe there is a real lack of a funny action-comedy ghost-buster series in the market, and Johnny Sinclair has all the potential to fill that gap.”