Spotlight: HappyKids


The unique selling point for the HappyKids platform is twofold, explains David Di Lorenzo, senior VP of kids and family at parent company Future Today.

“On the one hand, HappyKids is one of the largest ad-supported kids’ streaming services and is available across multiple CTV platforms—from streaming devices to OEMs and MVPDs,” he says.

He continues, “Also, as a developer publisher, beyond our hub channel HappyKids, we operate a network of channels (apps) with several key partners, including LEGO, Moonbug Entertainment, Pinkfong and others.”

The platform reaches families with kids from 0 to 12 and features a range of early-learning content, preschool programming, gaming and movies. “Our multiplatform distribution provides our partners access to a large-scale audience,” Di Lorenzo says.

“We currently work with hundreds of partners from around the globe and are always looking for something new,” he adds.